45 Kilo created the interior-design for Wendel-Verlag’s new 200 sqm office space in Kassel.

We had the chance to not only equip the space with our own furniture as well as lighting, but create the floor-plan and customized versions of our Busy Table with inbuilt cable tunnels, as well as develop an individual lighting and color concept for each room.

The interior design is a combination of graphic lines, apparent in the multi-branched lighting as well as the office furniture, with natural materials like oak, ash, copper, brass and linoleum. Each room has its own color concept, tables and curtains are color-matched accordingly. The lighting structure is LED-driven and works eco-friendly.

Thank you to Bernd Wagner for the great collaboration on this project.




45kilo_wendel-verlag-7 45Kilo_wendel-verlag-10



We created the SUMMER BOWLS for the exhibition series Design Exquis, they’ll be presented at this year’s London Design Festival at Roca Gallery until November 16th.

The SUMMER BOWLS were inspired by the colors and tastes of ice cream. We thought of summer, sun, flowers, milky tastes and fruity flavors, ice cream parlors and the funny hats of the ice-cream vendors…

These containers are made for a variety of things like fruits, bread, vegetables, jewelry, keys etc. The bowls were hand-made by a metal spinner from brushed anodized aluminium. The lids are made of Hi-Macs, were CNC cut and polished by hand.



The unpolished cut of the crystal glasses breaks the sunlight in a spectrum of fine lines and creates light patterns on the table. The glasses are produced by hand in a time consuming process. Each glass is unique and is produced by the glass cutter with the use of all their skills.
Subtle, barely noticeable differences between the pieces are evidence of these hand made glasses.

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The WOOD/METAL SIDE TABLES are hand-made objects for various purposes.
The base of oiled ash wood carries three different metal sheets, which results in a strong contrast. The surfaces are polished and burnt copper, polished aluminum and brushed brass. The thin and lightweight pieces invite you to carry them around your home, wherever you need them.


The table system is a simple and classical tubular furniture with a slim tabletop which offers 3 drawers on both sides. It was designed to improve the famous tablebase by Egon Eiermann in terms of simple production, economical use of material, disassembly, easy mounting and last but not least legroom.

The array of the legs allow to use the table from all sides, so that you might also use it as a dining table. This allround-tablebase can be used with different kinds of desktops.

The WHITE DRAWERS version is made of veneered birch plywood, finished with a white coating.

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BUSY TABLE is a customizable concept for office or dining rooms. BUSY POP comes with a veneered birch wood top, waxed in smooth white and a pastel violet base.


This copper version of HANG JACK is soldered and polished by hand and afterwards treated with a torch to discover the natural inherent colors of copper.


The storage container BIG BOX offers a lot of space for a lot of things.

By closing the powder coated metal box with a solid top made of ash wood it becomes a cubic side table.

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The Mokka light is simply put together by a classical geometric lampshade, a standard copper rod and electrical wire. Assembling these parts creates a certain lightness, the lamp seems to be floating in the room.
The adjustable installation to the ceiling allows the lamp to be placed where it is needed. By pulling the wire through the rod, the height of the shade can easily be changed.

We designed a DIY kit for the lampshade, including instructions for building the whole light.
The project will be published in the new edition of the DIY furniture book by Luur Design.


Lines is a set of minimalistic shelves made of folded steel. Either it has lines in it, then it is more for kitchen or bathroom use, or it is closed and a bit stronger, then it serves as a bookshelf. It was inspired by Dieter Rams 606 shelving system, though here you can start with a single element if you are not rich enough, plus you can put it in any order.

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Enjoy your fresh brewed coffee with the 45 Kilo espresso cups! They were made without forms, but just by hand. Realized in Jingdezhen, the birthtown of porcelain. Thanks to Laura Straßer for realizing the prototypes!


Chair 3 is a minimalistic, though ergonomic and lightweight chair made of ash wood. The backrest and the seating are made of air-ply, a material of high flexibility and low weight. The seating surface has a double twist in it, in the front it is bend in an ‘A’ form, while in the back it is bend to a ‘V’. This complex form can easily be bent into the air-ply. This way, all parts are simply glued, without screws or dowels. Another feature is the softness of the wood: the 3 mm air-ply is flexible and gives you a comfortable feeling.

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The P5 TABLE is now available in a round version, with a powder coated steel base and a thin HPL tabletop.


Modern technology is blackboxing. It reduces complexity and makes our life easier.
HANG JACK is the antipode to the magic of technology. It brings us and our devices down to earth.


The OTTOMAN LIGHT is now available in an anodized anthracite blue version.
The pressure formed lampshades are hand made in Berlin and remind of old Ottoman helmets.
More colors on request.


The all new bread box is out! Improvements have been made in the sliding mechanism and in the size, it just fits the bread better. We produce them in small series in varying colors, at the moment we have white, yellow and light blue.

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The bird table was developed in collaboration with Partisan Vodka. 45 Kilo and another german studio were asked to design a table in an (p)artisan manner.
Each team started with half a tree and was limited to a wood-only construction. We tried to use all the wood we had, so we developed a big table consisting of two trestles and a 300 x 100 cm tabletop, completely made of beech wood.
The trestles remind of bird feet, though they could also be tank traps.

Thanks to Konrad Bialowas and David Hedberg for their substantial help on this project!


Our friend Nicolas Bellavance-Lecompte asked us for a special edition of our ARCHITECT’S TABLE.
In this version we used Corian and oak wood for the tabletop, the base is copper-coated.

Italian style!


The ARCHITECT’S BASE does what architects should do: use a minimum of material while offering a high degree of usability.
This multipurpose base can be customized for any size of tabletops, it is detachable and offers legroom from all sides.